Why Twitter? My Top 5 Reasons

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What is Twitter to me?
A fast easy way to tell people you know, barely know and don't know at all what you are thinking, promoting, or needing and conversely read what they are thinking, breaking news, promotions etc. in real time.

I don't follow celebrities. They're boring.

What is a Tweet?
A message of 140 characters or less. It can be anything; a thought, link, photo, quote, joke, etc.

Many of my family and friends don't understand why I tweet. Here are my top 5 reasons.

1 Convenience - I can be waiting for an oil change or some other time wasting event and be instantly entertained. Sometimes I prefer the layout of reading tweets on my phone because Twitterific highlights when people mention me, talk to me, etc., which is rare, but still fun.

2 Real Time News - Find out what streets are flooding, cool restaurants to go to, and which celebrities died as soon as it happens.

3 Laughter - There are some really funny amateur comedians on Twitter. I love to wake up and start my day with a laugh that relates to something going on that day. And it makes me funnier too!

4 Meeting People - Most people's tweets (aka messages) aren't private. Therefore, you can read what they tend to write about, if you like it, you follow them, which means that their messages pop up on your screen as soon as they type them. Instant friend! You can learn a lot about a person by what they decide to tell the world on a daily basis. Some people come off depressing, funny, grateful, helpful, happy, smart etc. It can be a very personal look into someone's life. You might find someone you'd like to meet. I've been on Twitter 115 days and have 135 followers.

5 Opens/Closes the Day - When I used to have a steady boyfriend, I'd call him every night before bed to say good night and recap the day. It gets kinda lonely when you lose that tradition. So instead, I tuck myself in and read interesting tweets from a hundred or so people. I feel connected, less lonely and go right to sleep.


Stephanie Quilao said...

I totally relate with #5. My ex used to text me all the time and when we broke and all the texting stopped, it made me realize just how much I enjoyed the tiny messages. I can get a similar fix on Twitter because too there are so many cool people :)

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Thanks Stephanie!

It's pretty much the number one reason for me right now. :)

I'm star struck that you commented!


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