Timeline of My Life to Music 2013

As predicted in last years post 2013 was no cake walk. We had a lot of ups and downs securing a location for our brewery. Each month we'd get our hopes up about another location; we'd draw plans, draft agreements and then the deals would fall through. We also watched our son grow from a baby to develop his strong personality and begin to destroy our home the way that toddlers do. Never a dull moment. I look forward to success in 2014 with the opening of our brewery and the introduction of our beer to our community. 

January 2013
Yacht "Psychic City"

February 2013
Miguel "Sure Thing"

March 2013
James Taylor "Your Smiling Face"

April 2013
Iron & Wine "Upward Over the Mountain"

May 2013
Bishop Allen "Heart"

June 2013
REO Speed Wagon "Keep on Loving You"

July 2013
Broadheds "Nothing that I Care About"

August 2013
Devendra Banhart "Baby"

September 2013
Jessie Ware "Wildest Moments"

October 2013
The Two Man Gentleman Band "Fancy Beer"

December 2013
Coconut Records "West Coast"