My Love Story

Someone finally wrote my love story...

Here's how it starts:

"It’s hard to say if 
The Courtyard Brewery
is a love story 
about beer 
or a beer story
 about love. 
Either way, it began 
on Frenchmen Street." 

Read the rest here: NOLA DEFENDER.


I Have Good Taste

I stumbled upon this video by creative folks for creative folks, thanks to the always creative seeking website, BRAIN PICKINGS. In it, Ira Glass warns amatuer designers and creators that the early days of their careers may be struck with thoughts of self doubt and less than stellar production. He encourages them to quickly increase their body of work and believe that through experience, creative success and confidence will come and their natural good taste will shine. 

I liked his emphasis on the creative thinker's sensibility of good taste. He described how in the beginning your good taste will help you recognize that your work is lacking and ultimately help you improve. I reflected on my beginning years as a designer and definitely remember questioning my abilities. 

As an interior designer, fresh out of college, I quickly faced clients and associates whose taste or vision conflicted with mine. It's discouraging and it feels awkward to reassure others that your vision is right since you don't have any real world experience to draw from. This is especially hard when you are trying to tell someone how their space should look, the space that they will work in, not you.

The saying, "fake it until you make it", has some wisdom to it. You have portray confidence in your creative work and your recommendations as a designer. No matter what age you are, people will always question you if you don't stand tall.

Everyone has an opinion, but in the end you are the expert with good taste