All That Glitters

I've been making jewelry in my spare time. I found some cool "findings" (jewelry term for accent pieces) in NYC. I have no idea what they were originally, but I found a pile of them at a flea market and envisioned earrings. Several dollars, tools and beads later my visions came to life. What do you think?
SOLD (below)
SOLD (below)
SOLD (above)
mine all mine (below)

 spoken for (below)

SOLD (below) 


a_cajungirl said...

love these!! very international, strong and feminine! brown & melon are my favs! keep up the good work !

lara said...

Wow! The mystery of what the pieces were makes the jewelry that much more interesting. And I love the colors of the beads. Gorgeous.

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

thanks! i know they are "old" and brass.

Unknown said...

Too cool for school......love em! Aunt Rita

Anonymous said...

You are my idol! You I know I love me some costume jewelry! I've been wanting to make jewelry in my spare time - problem is, there never IS any spare time lol! Now we need to take you to the jewelry show so you can get some cool stuff for cheap!


Parti said...

dang it what happened to my post?!! how much for the second pair??!!

Apt. #34 said...

what a coincidence! And such lovely items. Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

seraph 504 said...

Thanks for sharing the photos...Very nice pieces!
Any plans for selling them?..
I have some of my jewelry up at a shop on Magazine ST.. also,thought of Etsy.com or creating my own website...

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

seraph 504

i sold most of the ones pictured here and am hoping to find more pieces to make more.
the last pair and the necklace are still available.
what shop are you in on magazine?
feel free to post a link to your work in these comments.

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