All I Want for Christmas is... Shoes

I may be a shoe collector. Never realized this until someone pointed it out because I thought it was a natural girl thing.

I was making my Christmas list and started to look for boots, which led me to shoes, which led me to flats, which led me sandals. So anyway, Santa was good to me.

Review: Luxurious, great fit, classic

Review: Classic and comfortable.

My old tennis shoes hurt my feet when I workout so I went to a running store on Magazine St. and got my feet evaluated. The salesman recommended these to support my feet which tend to collapse when I stand. I also have a heel blistering problem, and he told me to always wear synthetic socks and to stay away from cotton.
Review: They feel great on, and I can't wait to use them.

Review: Look good, had good reviews online but feel like they might hurt my inner toe.

Review: Look good but feel a little stiff.

aka LSU Tailgate Shoes

Review: Quality not great but decent for the price. Comfy and cute.

Check out the cool bugeyed sign that my dad got me!

Took a gamble by ordering six pairs of shoes sight unseen online. Bought them from Endless.com and Shoes.com where the returns are supposed to be free and easy. You can order all of these shoes on Amazon. The links are highlighted in blue. I think I'll send back the flip flops and stick to Sanuk brand.


cajunQT said...

cute shoes...don't forget to watch LSU game next week w/your new purple& gold shoes!!

GrannySue said...

i can't wait to have my feet evaluated!! take me there!!

lara said...

6 pairs all at once. Sounds like heaven.

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