January 5th I start working.
I am soooooo excited. 
It's contract work.

Never thought I'd be so excited to find a job.
I think it's because I know how hard I worked to get it, and I know it'll open up more opportunities in the future.
Hopefully for one thing, it'll open up permanent employment when the hiring freeze is lifted.

With whom?
It is with a prominent university and the top employer in New Orleans.

What will I be doing?
I will be a project manager for an interior construction project.

For how long?
A minimum of 4 months.

So what did it take to get there?

Step 1 - When I was thinking of moving down here I gave all three of my parents a list of which firms I'd like to work for and told them to ask their friends if they knew of anyone connected with these firms.

I got one lead from that.

Step 2 - My dad mentioned that I was looking for a job to his high school friend and his wife I'll call D.

Nothing came of that.

Step 3 - Later on, my dad emailed the high school friend and D again.

Step 4 - Then D asked for me to send her my resume. I did.

I never heard back.

Step 5 - A week later I told my dad that D had never responded to my sending the resume.

Step 6 - He called D, and she said that I should send it again and that her email was messed up.

Step 7 - I sent D the resume again.

D finally read the resume and forwarded to another soccer mom/architect whose kids play soccer with hers.

When the architect finally responded she said, "Wow, her background is impressive. We have a hiring freeze that I can't get around, but I may be able to do contract work. I'd like to meet her."

Step 8 - One meeting was rescheduled, but we got to met November 20th for an interview. I got great feedback.

She sent me the contract forms on December 20th and I start January 5th.

The End.
I outlined this entire process to make a point.
Finding a job does not happen overnight.
This took months.
Eight times my dad and I had to be proactive to make this happen.

There are no guarantees even when your parents went to high school with someone whose wife is a soccer mom with your future employer.


GrannySue said...

Congratulations, Lindsay!! All that hard work paid off. Enjoy your new employ!

MisterAsset said...

Whoohooo! I'm guessing this is the employer for who I was a reference? If so they never called. And readinig from your post I would conclude they realized the truth, "This girl is so impressive she doesn't even NEED references." =D

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

thanks guys!

Parti said...

Awesome Lindsay!!!! I'm so happy for you! You never know when a 'connection' will happen. See you soon!

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