Fashion Solution - Customize!

I've hated the selections of most 20-something clothing shops just about as long as I've been 20-something. The reason is that most easily accessible stores in the this age group have been stuck in a bohemian aesthetic for several years now. The characteristics of this style are muted colors, loose blouses, spaghetti straps, baby doll dresses etc. I find these terribly unflattering for the curvilinear figure that is my hourglass physique.

I mostly just don't shop a lot, but when I do, I have turned to the internet. I try to find styles that hug curves, accentuate waist and neck lines and compliment a petite stature. I follow a local blogger on twitter and was happy to stumble upon her post introducing me to a new clothing line that seemed to fit my needs and what grabbed my attention even more was the fact that she was offering her readers a discount. 

Here is a link to her blog post: MischiefMyDear

After seeing these flattering styles in Ashe Mischief's post, I decided to browse the eShakti website and see if I could put this discount to use. Once I was there, I discovered that this company is known for customizing sizes. Large bust, small waist? Customize!

I settled on two pieces and used the discount code. I didn't customize my size because I wanted to see if the standard offerings would suffice and they did! See the results below. I would definitely order from these guys again. I found the fabric of the shirt to be a kind of thin, but overall, I like the cut, the fit, and the elastic waistbands.

Tiered Ruffle Dress
Smocked Waist Shirt from eShakti
Skirt from The Limited

Random Note...If you ever see this guy in the Quarter, his name is Thaddius. If you talk to him for five minutes, I guarantee that he will make you laugh....for free.


Anonymous said...

loved that dress on you! the color is amazing.
don't you love shopping online? :D

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Thank you, dear. I do, I do.
Especially the shoe websites with free shipping to me and back for returns.

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