Home Sweet Home - Update 1

Here is a video showing the progress we've made on the house in 2.5 months. My dad and boyfriend have been doing all the hard work in this heat! My dad tried to hire three different laborers to help with clean up, but they all quit on him after a few hours. 

  • Plaster demolition
  • Stud prep for sheetrock
  • A/C window unit removal
  • Shoring (Piling Replaced)
  • Drains Videoed (damage found)
  • Opening from Kitchen to dining widened
  • Upstairs dormer removed
  • Angled roof framed and sheathed to eliminate flat roof
  • All wiring and electrical components removed
  • Bathroom tile trim removed
  • Window bars removed
  • Window and door trim removed and salvaged
  • Under-house clean out
  • Support beam moved and reinforced
  • New Masterbath framed
  • New Walk-in Closet framed
  • New A/C Unit Storage framed
  • New 1/2 Closet framed
  • New Guest 1/2 Bath framed
  • New Utility Closet framed


Anonymous said...

looks great. invest in good elec and a/c contractors!


Anonymous said...

Love what you've done to the place!!! :)

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