Home Sweet Home - Before Shots

Moving right along on this life journey thing. I bought a house back in December. Something I've been wanting to do as long as I can remember. It took a long time to settle the Road Home Grant paperwork, but it's mine now! I've got a ton of renovations to do, but hopefully, it'll look like new in the Fall. Here is a video of shots that we took when I first bought the place. 
Scary isn't it?


lsimmons said...

awesome-ness! that is a LOT of house, cannot wait to see the progress. Document Document Document... Exciting!

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Thanks Lou!
Doing progress photos today!

_swt_n_lo said...

You are up for the challenge... !! It will be amazing, no doubt!

_swt_n_lo said...

Hey!! I can help!!

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