I like...

I've written before about the importance of knowing who I am and being able to clearly answer questions about what I like and what I do. It's an ever evolving process, but the changes that came in 2010 helped me to gather this bit of information.
I seek 
leading with a whole heart that I often fail to protect.
I stumble.

I drink cloudy beer.
I love dancing freely til 4am.
I'm ¼ Guatemalan and can barely spell Guatemalan.
I like family vacations and reliable friends.

I wear glasses.

I like laid back people with wit and flexible calendars.
I try to be everywhere.
I like brass bands, second lines and happy hours with free stuff. I like dark hair, interesting eyes and a smile that catches you off guard.
I like kissing and telling. 
I organize, prioritize and plan. 
I cherish moments of seclusion in a tiny corner of my world.
I like Jack Johnson on Sundays and the smell of Star Jasmine. I like to drive home in the sun from a distant place.
I like good witches, shoes, bright colors and feathers in my hair. 

I love costumes.

I like booty shakin beats and chick anthems with scorned lyrics. I like documentaries, mocumenteries and non-fiction. I like using unlikely thoughts to connect unlikely dots. I’ll take it smooth with a crunch.

I love improv.

I like self awareness and helping people. I like stretching my body and mind. 
I want to be wanted.
I like people who don’t talk too much. I loathe flakes.
I like fixing problems and timing things just right. I accept mistakes and won’t let others force me to sweat the small stuff.

I am over perfectionists.

I leave the engineering stuff to the engineers and the numbers to the mathematicians. I like to watch while you calculate.

I like organized chaos and simplicity in form. I like delicate details of true craftsmen. I like clever solutions and punch lines and games that I’m good at.



I like variety

I like expensive linens and breaking the ice. I like well seasoned creatures of the sea and soft smooth melted chocolate.
I accept payment in sincere laughs and back rubs. Jeff Buckley is my lullaby.
I like sensational productions and being in front of a crowd. I like walking in New York, grooving in Austin and holding hands in California. 

My heart is in New Orleans.

I change my mind.


Parti said...

you are beaUtiful!! thanks for the good read

Anonymous said...

you forgot:

"i love to tweet to my tweepeas on twitter" :D

sweet post, loved it.


Anonymous said...

I like that you know yourself.

I like.
that u know.
you are abrupt.
at times.

HOWEVER...the compassion you have for others far surpasses any semi negatives you may think you have!!

Anonymous said...

Well I like...you :) What a lovely and honest self-reflection. Being able to cearly articulate that, is in itself a feat to be admired.

Chris said...

Wow. That was intense and beautiful. You've left me breathless.

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