Packing Day

"Sccccrrriiiiipppp," goes the packing tape. Piled are the boxes. My dad is a master packer, he's efficient, resourceful, and fits my junk in the boxes like a puzzle.

Today was a success. Only 5 hours and everything is all packed up and ready to go, categorized by "Home" or "Storage". So far, no tears. Staying focused on the present. No looking back!


Haley said...

LOVED reading this. I am so proud of you, for your courage to find your happiness in this big ole world. Sure your not meant to be a writer? ;)

cathyluq said...

Very symbolic pic! You should make it your homepage.

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Good idea. I made it my profile pic.

cajungirl said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture!!

GrannySue said...

your the bug of all the ladybugs!

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