Never Eat Alone

I just read this book about contacts, friends, and mentors. The author is supposed to be the most "connected" man alive and being the social butterfly that I am I look to follow in his footsteps. I am setting a goal for myself to have lunch, coffee, or other organized convos with 100 people in the first 3 months of my move.

On the list are old friends, new ones, architects, designers, festival goers, friends of friends and generally interesting people. I have a list of about 40 so far and hoping that those 40 can point me to more and so on to my reach my goal. I have 4 coffee/lunch dates set up this week! Keep me busy- I know you guys know some interesting folks in the area so give me a shout and tell me who I should meet. For those that are interested in broadening your network, here are some key points from the book.

Who do you know that I should meet?


uollou said...

ok lindsay... im going to pick it up and give it a read... but im still not certain about the whole talking to others... hope you are well!

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

okay lou! tell me what you think. i am well. same to you!

Anonymous said...

Marie Anne Ory Your blog is inspiring Lindsey! I would consider it an honor if I was chosen for one of your lunch dates.

Anonymous said...

Jane says...i am reading 'never eat alone' and it's great, i love it, it's just so optimistic about life

Leslie said...

I understand the concept of the book, but I LOVE eating by myself. I get carried away when eating with friends and am not able to concentrate fully on the flavors going on in my mouth. It certainly is a treat to steal away an hour for lunch with a new friend, though.

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