This hike is 2.5 hours from New Orleans has 8 waterfalls!

If you live in Louisiana and even somewhat enjoy hiking for fun, then you’ve likely heard of a spot not too far from Baton Rouge in Mississippi where lots of waterfalls can be discovered. Upon further investigation though, you’ll find that the exact location gets a bit confusing. Where exactly are these and what are they called? The answer is Clarke Creek and the best place to download the route is via AllTrails whether on the website or App. It gets confusing because people call them Tunica Falls. There are hikes in St. Francisville called “Tunica” this and that in Louisiana, but those are different, and they don’t have waterfalls (to my knowledge). So if you want to see these falls search for “Clarke Creek”.

When I say waterfalls, I mean up to 8 of them! We did a 3.7 mile hike and saw four of the waterfalls. Here are my top five things that people don’t tell you about these hikes that you should know.
1.   Pretty sure the water flows year-round because it’s rainwater rather than snow melt. This feature is pretty badass because waterfalls and their flow elsewhere are hit or miss.
2.   There are a variety of ways to approach this hike. If you want a pretty easy version you can see two of the falls.
3.   This would be a great activity even in the hot summer months. We did this hike in early September during a heat wave and enjoyed it thoroughly. The key is to start early. We arrived at the trailhead at 6:30am and left around 10:30am. The whole route was pretty shaded.
4.   Trail is not well marked. Since there are so many different ways to do this trail, I recommend going with someone that has the All Trails Pro app.
5.    I personally would never do this hike right after a big storm or in a heavy rain. I don’t like to get my boots too wet or muddy and this trail would definitely be a mud pit in the rain.

As always when you hike, stay hydrated and bring extra water. I had a 1L bladder pack and drank about half.

The parts of the trail that actually lead to most of the waterfalls is not really a trail it’s a creek with big boulders. So the majority of the waterfalls are accessible with moderate hiking rather than easy. 

Here's the route that we took in red:

Here are some photos to give you an idea of what's in store. 


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