Sew 2016

I've been attending sewing classes for the past year and fell in love with fashion goddess, Ms. Christina Blunt.  http://www.polishedbrand.productions/ 
She's a fierce creative force that I've had the pleasure to share, learn and grow with. Here are a few of my beginner creations and alterations.

This vintage dress had a high neck and a Pentecostal attitude. 
Created a V and popped out a choker for a modern vibe. 

Maxi skirts, scarves and Elf vests too.

Hats and capes are easy to whip up for costume occasions. 

I made this silver skirt to pair with an H&M lace shirt. 
Christina made a bowtie for Jules. 

My first Chewbacchus was solid gold with this C3PO apron. 

Simple alterations like darts are a cinch. 


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