Fall Fashion Emergency

On Friday, my cousin sent out a fashion SOS. 

Dear Friends,
I stepped in front of the mirror this morning and realized I seriously need a fashion intervention.  This is an SOS to send me 1 or 2 of your favorite trends from the fall (or any season) so I can start thinking creatively.  This could be a fun conversation, so reply to all if you want to join in.

Here are my problem areas.

(1) I have boots, but I don't know how to incorporate them.  I've only done it with skinny jeans but how about skirts - what length, what fabric?
(2) I like the scarf trend, but I don't know how to handle it.  Thoughts?
(3) I have lots of sweaters and jeans.  And I wear lots of sweaters with jeans. In fact, every day is sweaters with jeans. How can I jazz it up/dress it up?  A more professional style would be nice.
(4) Accessories are nonexistent.  I really need ideas.

I always feel like a ragamuffin, and I want to feel fabulous. Help!

Rachel D.
Boots are definitely a winter staple. 
I got this pair for Christmas last year and wear them all the time with skinny jeans, leggings and skirts. Fashion Therapist pairs boots with skirts like a pro. Check out how cute she looks!
I am always worried that my scarfs take over my body, but Angie shows us how to pull it off. 
And a friend of mine produced this video for Jean Therapy with lots of ways to tie your scarves.

Got some great ideas from Chictopia.com. Love the accessories in these next two!
 I need a jacket like this for cold nights in skimpy dresses.
Digging the funk here.
Super Simple yet Super Cute. I rock tights hard in Winter.
Check out Modestly Styled. Modestly Me.'s blog for professional looks. She wears mostly J.Crew. She always looks good, and we have to give it to her for sporting LSU colors here. 
I've noticed the key to this fashionista blogger's style is funky shoes (usually very tall ones).
Rachel, I hope you get some good ideas from these lovely ladies. Check out their sites for updates.


Anonymous said...

oh the last pic has my vote! i love it and it's fun and shows great style!


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