Life Update - Fall 2010

I'm in a funk. Blame it on Saturn's return, late twenties, or ungratefullness. Whatever the reason, I'm going to kick it. I'm not like super sad or anything it's just like a case of the Mondays, except it's Monday-Thursday. On Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't be happier. But during the week, I feel like time escapes me. 

-----ugh, wake up again, i want to sleep in, ugh wash my hair again, oh running late, no parking, i'm hungry, but i ate breakfast, oh someone brought donuts, great, i can't eat that, finally lunch, don't leave for lunch, sit at your desk, do work, everyone else is, lunch is over anyway, get back to work, meeting, snack, you can't have a snack, you just had lunch, i wonder what the rest of the world is doing, too bad, get back to work, it's only 2:30, ugh, it's only 3:15 ugh, i need this, she doesn't have time, i need that, he won't respond, ugh it's only 3:30, i want a coke zero, you just had one, ugh it's only 4:00. i should go work out. stay at work, everyone else is. finally home. ugh it's already 8pm. i have to eat something. no carbs for you, no dessert for you. yeah, you worked out, but you should run too. oh you missed project runway again, that retinol-a isn't working, you should shave, pack for the next day, make your lunch, wash clothes. go to bed it's 11pm, you are going to be so tired tomorrow. -----

I hate to even mention it publicly because I know that I am being ungrateful and spoiled. I live a cushy life in a First World country. I just need to evaulate my imbalance and get back on track to the peace and balance I felt last Spring. I know last Spring was totally different because I was just starting a new job, it wasn't stressful yet, and my social life was out of this world good. New Orleans was amazing with the festivals, Mardi Gras, and a Superbowl win. 

It's silly to even consider being unhappy. I have a stable job, make more than I ever have, have a great place to live (rent-free!), I am in the process of buying a house, I have romance for the first time, and I have something fun to do every weekend. What more can a girl want? I know. I know. It makes no sense. Let's just get it over with. Let's just list it out and find some solutions so that I can quit my whining.

Last Spring:
I lost weight (zero exercise and a diet of king cake and beer)

This Fall:
Gained like 15 pounds and weigh more than I ever have. (tried to give up beer, tried to give up sugar, and i work out 3x a week)

Last Spring: Work was new and my workload light. 

This Fall: Work is a predicable regimen and my workload heavy. 

That's it I guess. I just need to figure out how to deal with these two issues. Shouldn't be hard, right?

Solution #1: Run.

This is going to suck. I can run in intervals of one minute, that's it. I can alternate running and walking for one minute, but only for 30 minutes. After that I have to walk. It sucks big time AND my shins kill me. For some reason though, I feel like if I was able to run 5 days a week for 30 minutes straight and do pilates or yoga the other two days that I'd be able to lose weight and not feel guilty if I have a snack. 

So I'm going to have to start trying to run/walk for an hour 5x a week until I can run for 30 minutes straight. Man, this is going to suck. 

Solution #2: At a lose on this one, other than suck it up. I know the majority of the universe hates their jobs. At least I don't hate it. Guess I just need to suck it up and work for the weekends.

If you have any advice or want to tell me how whiny and ungrateful I am being, feel free to comment below.


Katy said...

It's probably some fall funk--happens to me every year as it gets darker. Come February I'll be a little nutty. The exercise is a good idea--it helps make those endorphin things that make us happy. I've been trying to walk as well and it has improved my mood.

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Thanks, girl! I like how your blog has a category for whining. I may need to add one!

Unknown said...

Run! Those 1min walk / 1 min runs will turn into 1min walk / 15 min runs before you know it. It makes you feel better all day! Sign up for a 5k that's about 3-4 months away. Today. Go to a running store that analyzes your gait, get the shoes they suggest for you. That will fix the shin splints. Then start a good training program (ask me for some). The race looming over you will make you get out there on those cold nights to come. Read "Born to Run", it will inspire you to run more.

Other feel good tips:

Replace TV with good books.

Kill sugar from your diet. (we all fail sometimes)

Dance more. Like I have to tell you.

Kiss your mom for me. At least you get to see her more than me.

Revel in your family for the Holidays, they are really awesome.

Start your New Year's Resolution today.

Make something cool for your nephew.

Last, look around for one thing every day for something that amazes you, excites you or makes you happy. You'll find more than one, but keep looking.

Take Care, Sis.

Unknown said...

It seems you and I are in the same boat again!!! I'm working on my funk day by day. I had to give up Felipes which had become my go to on busy days (think 3-5 days a week of eating nachos and burritos b/c you're too busy/tired to cook)
I'm slowing getting back to the gym- I had a cold and missed a week and then 1 week turned into 6 weeks and I gained 10 pounds. It seems there aren't enough hours in the day and everyone seems to want or need my time and attention and they all want it now. I'm actually trying to spend less time with friends and more time focusing on all the things I have pushed to the side lately (my writing, reading and creative adventures). You're doing the right thing by talking about it!!! I have been lucky to find a caring, supportive man who makes my world a better place. I have no magical solution but thought you might feel better to know that you are NOT alone!!! Take your sisters advice and I think you'll be back to your happy, awesome self in no time :)


Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Matt - Loved reading thoughts! Good inspirational reminders! Makes me tired just reading about running. :) I'm not sure what to do about the shoe thing. I had my feet/gait analyzed when I bought these shoes for a pretty penny last Christmas. It'd be worth it to get new ones though. Maybe I'll try insoles first.

I already don't watch t.v., but need to make more time for reading. Although that is part of the frustration, no time.

I'm trying the sugar thing. It is tough.

I do need to kiss mom more. :)

Can't wait until holiday family time! Definitely something to look forward to.

Kiss Nate for me.

Thanks again for sharing.

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Amber - Thanks for writing! Great to hear from you.

Of course we would gain weight when we moved back with all the food and boozin'. Too much fun. Le sigh.

Keep me posted on the working out. You need to post some pictures of your cooking too. Always such great presentation.

Take Care,
Bugeyed Lindsay

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