Food = Love ya too (Main Course)

As you know in my post Food = Love, my dad cooked a birthday feast for me back in April. So to share the love, I did the same for him. For Father's Day, I whipped up my new specialty, chocolate waffles.
Today, we celebrated his and my step-mom's birthdays. I tried to make it as nice as they did for mine. Key word, tried. My shortcomings were a lack of homemade bread and a last minute run to the grocery for ice cream, but all in all everything tasted great.
Prepping takes the most time
Got these the first week of the oil spill. Breaks my heart that I may never get these beautiful Gulf Shrimp again.
Paprika, Cayenne and Salt... Sauteed in Butter and Olive Oil
Smoked Sausage, Yellow Onions, Green Onions, and Garlic
Finish off with tomatoes and shrimp stock
Grits with butter and white cheddar cheese
Plate and garnish with Parsley
Happy Family

I am a terribly slow cook so it took me all day, but the finished product was so good and so worth it. Everyone, including my dad, loved it. The recipe comes straight out of Emeril's new cookbook, Farm to Fork, which I won from NOLA-Eats! I'll follow up this post with dessert!
Farm to Fork: Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the Love, but with an empty stomach!!

Anonymous said...

as i was reading this post, i was reminded of your cabbage post b/c i made a pretty solid cabbage recipe this weekend. have you ever eaten at zoe's?? i recreated their greek slaw this weekend. it was awesome, and really simple...cabbage, green onions, feta, vinegar/evoo...that's pretty much it. les loves it.

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

sounds great, whites.
i'll try it!

MisterAsset said...

Everything except the grits (just because I don't like grits) looks amazing. It's 8:45AM and now I'm already hungry for lunch. Thanks a lot. =P

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