Food = Love

My birthday just passed, and I didn't post anything.
Guess I was having too much fun. 
One of the ways we celebrated was by having the family over for lunch to blow the candles out. 
My dad asked me what he should cook.
I put it off and couldn't really decide. 
I mentioned, "I just don't know....maybe crabcakes or BBQ shrimp or desserts like apple pie or chocolate molten cake."

he cooked them all!

salad to start!
 BBQ Shrimp were soooo close to Pascale Manale's. Heaven.
Crabby Patties.
Experimental Pasta...Smoked Mushrooms.
He replicated a dish we had eaten at Emerils.
Great flavor!
 Love on a plate!
No ordinary white cake!
Homemade apple pie and Emeril's chocolate cake with chocolate sauce.
 (both a la mode)
More love on a plate!
My favorite of it all!

So I think he loves me!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

that birthday shrimp actually made my eyes start tearing up ..they were so pretty. enjoy,. looks like the 100 mile oil slick is gonna reek havoc with our shrimp industry for awhile (according to the Doom&Gloom TV news)

AND apple pie. ...i can't even talk about the apple pie......

MisterAsset said...

I think that's more food than I've cooked all year long... and looks a lot better too. =)

Anonymous said...

franz = heroic.


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