Crafty Costumes

So I was headed to The Rocky Horror Show, the theatrical production at Westwego Theater on Halloween night. I knew I couldn't wear my troll wig again because it would block the person sitting behind me's view. So about noon on Halloween day I started crafting this Blue Dog Dress. I already had the dress from a vintage shop. So I drew, cut and painted on cardboard the blue dog face and feet. It has been a rousing success. I'm taking orders for handmade costumes for next year so get your order in now!

Couldn't Do the Troll Wig Again

Blue Dog. Ta Da! Cost = $0 (I had all the materials)


a_cajungirl said...

great costume ! hope you had a happy halloween!

GrannySue said...

can't believe you got that dress from a vintage shop!! nice purchase!

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