Progress Report - 2

Making headway in the list of 100 people to meet:

1. Architectural Product Sales Rep from IIDA

2. Architectural Product Sales Rep from IIDA
3. Interior Design Classmate from college
4. Website Managing Director/ Newbie to NOLA from website
5. Retired Social Worker friend of a parent
6. Retired French Translator friend of a parent
7. Neuroscientist friend of friend
8. Director of Interior Design at LSU
9. Professor of Interior Design at LSU
10. Landscape Architect Friend
11. Zoo Associate/Vet Student from high school
12. Medical Doctor Friend of Friend
13. Architectural Sales Rep from IIDA
14. Stage Dancer/Massage Therapist from high school
15. Stage Actress/Retail Associate from friend
16. Banker friend
17. Personal Chef and Assistant from Twitter
18. Florist from friend
19. Fabric Restorer from friend
20. Artist from friend
21. Construction Manager from friend
22. Construction Manager from friend
23. Interior Designer and Firm Owner from IIDA
24. Dental Office Manager neighbor
25. Interior Designer from IIDA/college
26. Interior Designer from IIDA/college
27. Design Consultant from college
28. Architect from DFW from friend in networking group
29. Home Product Shop Owner from previous employment
30. Magazine Editor from magazine/website/blog
31. Interior Designer from neighbor
32. New Orleans Socialite from neighbor
33. Commercial Realtor neighbor
34. Theater Administrator/Construction Estimator from friend
35. Museum Curator from friend
36. Facilities Interior Designer and great networker friend
37. VP of Design Community Collaboration at design event
38. Architectural Product Rep at design event
39. Interior Design Firm Owner at design event
40. Museum Volunteer from friend of parent
41. Retired Store Owner from friend of parent
42. Designer from design event
43. Non-profit marketer from twitter
44. Marketing Manager for Development Company friend
45. Interior Designer from IIDA event
46. Interior Designer at University from networking group friend
47. Architectural Sales Representative from IIDA
48. Designer/Photographer from college
49. Director of Design and Construction at University from friend of parent
50. Retired Bank Administrator from friend of parent
51. Doctor from friend
52. Doctor friend

These next few weeks are going to be busy. I am going to be going door to door dropping off resumes, which takes FOREVER to set up. I'm up to my ears in cover letters, resumes, and sample work all tailored for each office.

I'm going to be busy creating too. (the fun part) I bought some brass pieces at a flea market in NYC to make earrings for Christmas. I also have three art commissions to crank out for early December. Will post the fruits of my labor. Looking forward to getting cozy with the family for the holiday season. I love those guys.


mommaS said...

you go with your networking self!

GrannySue said...

i like the photo you used. is it from NY?

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

yep. near the water a block from where we stay. kristen y. said she recognizes the location from a movie with jodie foster!

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