Round Top Antique Show 2009 - Day 1

all lower case. must type fast. in a cafe in the boondocks of texas. laptop battery will die. can't believe there's wifi.

papa and i are antique hunting. 30 mile show. been walking for 7 hours. here are a few fun finds and a peek at where we are staying...

staying at chris' family's farm house. thanks for leaving the light on chris!

playing in the bathroom.

on to the show!

this tent was all carnival finds. too fun.

i want one!

didn't see it fly though.

i NEED a tutu too!

my future christmas tree.

yep, this is a bed pan fountain.

the cushions are concrete.

sweet eye test machine.

tents for miles. there was a lighting storm last night driving in. the rug tent (didn't photograph their misfortune) got lots of water and was laying out and hauling hundreds of wet rugs today. poor guys.


LaurenB said...

So jealous! Wish I could be there.

MommaS said...

the clowns are a wee bit scary!! but the hot pink buddha & flying pigs are tre chic! looks like you had a creative overload!

Anonymous said...

cute little bug eye in the blue hat

MisterAsset said...
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MisterAsset said...

That might be the coolest farm house ever. All it needs is a "flying" pig on the front porch. =)

Suzy Appleseed said...

That concrete 'Barcelona' chair is awesommmmmmmeee.
I'm glad you're gonna be closer to me!!....let's go on some adventures in Nola soon, ok??

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