Timeline of My Life to Music 2012

Another year, another set of lyrics that find their way into my life playing like a soundtrack. It's been action packed for sure, going through pregnancy, birth, and finishing the remodel on my Katrina home renovation. Blood, sweat and tears this year. My goals are set high for 2013 so it shouldn't be a cake walk either.

January 2012
Besides Daniel "Learn How to Fight"


February 2012
Priscilla Ahn "The Boobs Song"

March 2012
Bright Eyes "No Lies Just Love"

April 2012
Frank Sinatra "That's Life"

May 2012
Jill Barber "Never Quit Loving You"

June 2012
OK GO "Needing/Getting"

July 2012
Beatles "Obladi Oblada"

August 2012
Phil Collins "You'll Be Here in My Heart"

September 2012
 Neutral Milk Hotel "Love You More Than Life"

October 2012
Feist "Bittersweet Melodies"

November 2012
Walyon Jennings "Good Hearted Woman"

December 2012
The Flying Lizards "Money"


mighty termitey said...

what an awesome playlist! love it! :-)

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

glad you enjoyed it! i had fun compiling it throughout the year.

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