Unsaid Words

My friend and neighbor Brittany has just begun to make these darling masks. She sculpts the base and adorns them with colorful and shimmering materials. I always try to sneak a peek of her handmade flowers when I pass by her apartment. To purchase Brittany’s masks which I think make great bachelorette or evening wear accessories, drop me a comment or email. 

Enjoy this Mark Strand poem about masking oneself with words.

Harmony in the Boudoir

After years of marriage, he stands at the foot of the bed and
tells his wife that she will never know him, that for everything
he says there is more that he does not say, that behind each
word he utters there is another word, and hundreds more be-
hind that one. All those unsaid words, he says, contain his true
self, which has been betrayed by the superficial self before her.
"So you see," he says, kicking off his slippers, "I am more than
what I have led you to believe I am." "Oh, you silly man," says
his wife, "of course you are. I find that just thinking of you
having so many selves receding into nothingness is very excit-
ing. That you barely exist as you are couldn't please me more." 

"Harmony in the Boudoir" by Mark Strand, from Almost Invisible. © Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.via The Writer's Almanac


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cool masks! love them!

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