Brunch with the Twitter Bunch

Twitter helps you gravitate towards other people with similar interests. That's how I met a bunch of foodies. Keith and Lindsay have a blog called "A Couple Bites", and they were nice enough to invite a group of us over for brunch.

What I thought was going to be a simple brunch turned out to be a massive feast. The pictures below show you what happens when a bunch of New Orleans foodies are asked to bring a dish.
I was in charge of the cheese tray. Luckily I found these nifty label tags because I wasn't even quite sure what kind of cheese I had purchased.

The amount of prepared food was excessive, and the bar was just as stocked. Mimosas were flowing as well as Bloody Mary's, Irish Coffees and Screwdrivers.

My favorite must-go-back-for-seconds item was the baked french toast made by A Couple Bites. Keith and Lindsay pointed me to the recipe here.

photo from Food Network.com
The hosts made the best party favors - thin mint cookies, better than the Girl Scout version. They were nice enough to share their little party favor secret recipe with me.
A Couple Bites Simple Thin Mints
Ritz crackers dipped in Wilton's Chocolate Mint melting chocolate.  
Melt chocolate, dip, lay on parchment to get hard, enjoy!


Lindsay said...

So glad you enjoyed the brunch! Thanks for writing such a nice post. The thin mint cookies are my favorite and SO easy. Happy you enjoyed them!

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