Monday's Pep-Talk

Have a case of the MONDAYS?
Well, consider this your personal pep-talk.


Unknown said...

Hey Linds -- Dave and I both had a major case of the Mondays today. So guess where we came first for inspiration ... the Bugeyed Guide. Thanks for the video. The guy is a complete spaz ... And if he can do what he loves and make lots of dough, so can we. Cheers! CD & DN

cathyluq said...

Hey Linz,
I listened to this in my office as I packed up to go home. When I got in the car, this was the story on the radio...guess it was my message for the day!

Bugeyed Lindsay said...

Carole - I'm so glad that I could help! Mondays can be a downer. Hope you guys are doing well! And yeah, he is a SPAZ!

Aunt Cathy - You rock! I might repost a sample of this. Thanks!

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